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CEDAM base de donnees des alliages de metaux, metal

"Die Bronze" #1B #1JR type1 #1JR type2 #1JR type4 #2B #30 #35 #3B #5-317 #5-F STAINLESS #5B #6B #9B #A-45T '12' carbon '17' carbon '22' carbon '30' carbon '40' carbon '55' carbon 3/4 % Ni '55' carbon steel '70' carbon '80' carbon 0 0,05C-18Cr-9Ni 0,5FO 0,5FO8 0,5Mo 0,5Ni285 0,5Ni355 0,7Cr-0,7Ni-0,5Cu 0-73687 0.2% carbon steel 0.3Mo-0.8Ni 0.5Cr

Comparisons of Materials Between JIS and Foreign Standards

P/M High Speed Tool Steel. HS6538 HAP72. j~j Steel Type Related to Foreign Standards AISI DIN BS NF ASTM VDEh H10 BH10 X32CrMoV33 32CrMoV1218 H19 BH19. 55CrNiMoV4. BH224/5 55NiCrMoV6 55NiCrMoV7. 59Si7 59Si7 55Cr3. 51CrV4 60CrB3 55SiCr63 60CrMo33. 9 S20 11SMn28 11SMnPb28. 11SMnPb28 12SMn35. 44SMn28. B1 or 100Cr6. Steel Type Related to Foreign Countries in the world Alloy steel - Steel grades Countries in the world Alloy steel grade catalog. Data query platform for Alloy steel grade and chemical component, mechanical properties,physical properties, equivalent steel grade and datasheet by S&G.

JIS Material Comparison - [PDF Document]

Apr 13, 2015 · ITool SteelJapan Industrial Standards Standard Number Code Name JIS G 4401 Carbon Tool Steel SK1 SK2 SK3 SK4 SK5 SK6 JIS G 4403 High-Speed Tool Steel SK7 SKH2 SKH3 SKH4 SKH10 SKH51 SKH52 SKH53 SKH54 SKH55 SKH56 SKH57 SKH58 SKH59 JIS G 4404 Alloy Tool Steel SKS11 SKS 2 SKS21 SKS 5 SKS51 SKS 7 SKS 8 SKS 4 SKS41 SKS43 SKS44 SKS 3 SKS31 Material Equivalents Structural Steel NickelTranslate this pagebolting material 1 carbon steel bar 2 carbon steel bolts 3 alloy steel bolts cr-mo cr-mo-va 5 cr mo 12 cr (corrosion resistant ) 18/8 18/8 nb 18/10/2 18/8/ti 4 alloy steel boltes for temperature use. a 575 a 307. a 193. a 320. grade 1015 grade 1020 grade a&b

Misumi Golbal Tool Steel Equivalents by Manufacturer

Translate this pageMachining Cylinders Hole Machining Side and Bottom Spring Steel 1078 85 General Purpose Milling Cutter Drills High-Speed Steel SKH Tool Steel SKH 4 HS180110 T5 BT5 HS18029 SUP 6 59Si7 60Si7 60C2 Reamer SKH10 HS12155 T15 BT15 S12145 HS12155 SUP 7 59Si7 9260 60Si7 NAAMS_2ndEdition Pages 151 - 180 - Flip PDF Download Sep 12, 2018 · Check Pages 151 - 180 of NAAMS_2ndEdition in the flip PDF version. NAAMS_2ndEdition was published by dhyatt on 2018-09-12. Find more similar flip PDFs like NAAMS_2ndEdition. Download NAAMS_2ndEdition PDF for free.

Product Selector Material

May 06, 2004 · UNS G41470. USACUT SUPER FREE CUTTING MEDIUM CARBON. USALOY 33 3% NI CASE HARDENING STEEL. USALOY 34 1.75% NI-MO CASE HARDENING STE. USALOY 351 0.75% NI-CR CASE HARDENING ST. USEN 33 3% NI CASE HARDENING STEEL. USEN 34 1.75% NI-MO CASE HARDENING STEEL. USEN 351 0.75% NI-CR CASE HARDENING STEE. VANADIS 10. Read untitledSteel Types Related to the Foreign Standards Type JIS AISI DIN ISO Carbon Tool Steel SK105(Old SK3) W1-10 TC105 SKS93 SKS3 SKD1 SKD11 SKD11(Modification) Matrix Group CrSKD SKD12 Pre-Hardened 40HRC Alloy Tool Steel Pre-Hardened 50HRC or more Flame-Hardened Steel Low Temperature Air Cooled Steel Shock Resistance Steel X100CrMoV5 A2 D3 D2

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Comments . Transcription . Technical Information selector.dormertoolsDormer Pramet No 4555 Yin Du Road, Xin Zhuang Industry Park, Shanghai 201108, China . Application Version . 2.0.5728.24123 . Database Version . 13/02/2019 . User

Comparisons of Materials between JIS - Ford Tool Steels

BH11 BH13 BH12-C105W1-C 80W1 C 80W1 C 70W2 S18-1-2-5 S12 1-4-5 S 6-5-2 -S 6-5-3 S 6 5-2-5-S10-4-3-10 S 2-10 1-8 Machining Center Drilling Machine Jig Borer Drill Press Boring Machine NC Lathe General Purpose Lathe Alloy Tool Steel Steel Types Related to the Foreign Standards SK105 (Old SK3) SKS93 SKS3 SKD1 SKD11 SKD11

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